Assign a new owner to a project

Is there a way to transfer ownership of a project from one account to another?

We had 10 projects on a Silver plan and needed an 11th. Until we got approval to upgrade to the Gold plan, which we have by now, we created an 11th project with a different user as the owner.

Now there seems to be no way to transfer ownership of a project? Is that correct? It seems odd that there’s no option to do that, so I’m hoping I’m missing something.

No, there’s no way to do this. Maybe in Enterprise only it exist.

In Crowdin you either just share credentials to account so new user update username password and email and use the owner account as it’s own, or download + re-upload everything under new user - like re-creating all the stuff.

I suppose it’s because of platform flexibility. Like user can be manager in project 1, owner in 2, translator in 3, blocked in 4, and so on. So technically it’s not the easy process.

Plus for most teams the workflow that exists should works. Like for small 3-4 people, when all know everyone, or for big, when all accounts that have some kind of subscriptions are in “ownership” of financial or security guys.