Are there any tools for proofreading on Crowdin?

Hi everyone! I have an open source project on Crowdin and a team of proofreaders, we’d like to grant our the most qualified translators with some humble presents, but before doing so our proofreaders want to check all the translations and rate them. Ideally, we’d like to have some kind of a spreadsheet with the original string, translations, rate from the proofreader and comments. Is there any chance to have that on Crowdin? I mean to fill in such a spreadsheet in our project using the translations from the project as well? I do want to avoid copy-pasting as much as possible, so I’d be grateful for your ideas!


Hi @GeorgeTh ! Crowdin has a useful app for such occasions called Linguistic Quality Assurance (LQA):

Our proofreader uses it, and it’s possible to use it directly in the Editor. All the rates, coments, improvements from Proofreader could be first filled in the project, and then exported as the spreadsheet in CSV or XLSX, so hope it is what you was looking for!

Also, we use the Top Members report to know who is the most active translator on our project, and say thank you to them as well :slight_smile: