Are deleted translation being removed from TM as well?

Hi everyone, basically the header for my post is also my main question that I’d like to clarify - When I delete the translation from the string in the Editor, the TM record also gets removed for that particular string? I just don’t want to mess up anything, therefore I’m asking you guys for a hint on how the TM works? Don’t want to accidentally delete anything :slight_smile:


No, the translations stay in the TM. Even if the string gets deleted the translations in the TM will be kept.

I hope this still helps, because I’m quite late :confused:

Hi there!

Just a small clarification - if you delete a translation for a string manually from the Editor, TM record will be also deleted. In case a file is deleted, translations will still be kept in TM

I’m sorry for the confusion and my wrong response. The TM entry will not be deleted, but the entry for this language will be cleared. I’m sorry for my mistake!