Applying workflow template to project doesn't override assigned users

I have a workflow template called “A” which is used by a lot of projects. From time to time I update the template and assign different users to translation and proofreading steps. When I assign the updated template to a project and save the workflow everything looks fine. The steps have the correct users. But when I refresh the workflow in the browser I see the old assigned users again.

How can I assign a workflow template to a project and ensure that all previous user assignments are overwritten?

Hi @gerhard,

I tried to reproduce your behavior from my side, but the changes were successfully saved. Is there any chance you could record a short video with all your steps?

Looking forward to hearing from you,

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Thanks for the video, could you please double-check if users from the template workflow have enough rights to access the Proofreading step or if they are included in the Users list of your organization?
After I click on Save new workflow button I can see that there are pending invitations for new contributors in the Members tab of my test project

I don’t see how permissions come into play here. The problem is that there are too many users assigned to workflow steps, not that some are missing.

If you look at 00:37 of my video, only a handful users should be assigned as proofreaders. I want only the users from the workflow template to be assigned in the project. Still, after saving and reloading the workflow, all previously assigned users (00:05) appear again (00:45). Somehow Crowdin fails to remove the previously assigned users.

Hi @gerhard,

Could you please tell if you can reproduce the issue in another browser or device?

This doesn’t look like a client-side error, but sure, I gave it a try. The behavior stays the same. Tested with latest Chrome and latest Firefox.

I assume you could get access to our Crowdin organization? Feel free to update the workflow in this project.

Hello Gerhard!

Thank you very much for your tests, they helped us to exclude a few assumptions, and we really appreciate your assistance with this case.

We need to check it in a detailed way (44862), unfortunately, I can’t provide any right-now solution at the moment. We will notify you as soon as we have any news on the matter.

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I implemented a workaround with the API, so this isn’t a priority for us anymore.

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