Apply screenshot tags to texts or vice versa

How about if while applying tags to the screenshots it also applied the same tags to the texts found by the OCR or vice versa?

This would help a lot in the organization of the project, since today it is necessary to do this work twice.

Screenshot View:

Text view:

NOTE: these tags were applied manually, if it were automatic for both, regardless of the screen, they would have the same tags.

Probably this would help you? Looks like some kind of automated solution.

Or you mean something else?

Sorry, in this case it would be labels and not tags, because in Brazilian Portuguese tags are treated as labels.

Is there any way to automate the application of labels to strings when applying labels to screenshots, or vice versa?

@linkmadao I know about auto tagging option, probably there’s something like that for labeling but I’m not totally sure…

It case it’s not what you’re looking for, perhaps it would be reasonable to create specific feature request?