Application or solution for text string review before translation in Crowdin

I’m working in a software company creating add-on solutions to a Microsoft Dynamics ERP system.
The text strings for our solutions are pushed from Github to Crowdin for translation. I’m currently looking for an application/solution where our technical writers can work with the review and approval of text strings before they are pushed to Crowdin so that only approved text strings are imported to Crowdin for translation.
We are using the version, so we cannot use the workflow of the Enterprise version.
Can anyone recommend an application, or solution, or suggest another workaround for text review?

Hello @JosefineFranck

As you’ve mentioned, the best tool for Source text review is the appropriate w-flow step in the Crowdin Enterprise version:

It’s an Enterprise exclusive feature made specially for this purpose and natively integrated into project workflow. Still, if you have no desire to switch between versions, as an alternative, you can use 2 projects to achieve approximately similar results.

For example, in the project 1, setup can be next:

source - EN-EN
target - EN-US (or EN-GB)

Users can do text review as they are doing translation, change something if the text is not fine, and leave it as it is if there’s no need to change.

For project 2, the received translation can be used as a source text, so the setup will be:

source - EN-US
target - French, German, Spanish, etc

With API this can be turned to a more automated solution. Not a total replacement for the Source text review feature, but it’s the closest one you can get without Enterprise.

Hi Dima,
Thank you for the detailed description. I will definately try out this setup as an alternative to the Enterprise version.


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