API rate limits - GitHub error

Hello, received few errors today with my GitHub integration, I’m assuming it’s because of some restriction for API calls. I guess Crowdin- GitHub is based on API, right? Can’t find any information about call limits from Crowdin side, how many is possible to do?

Hello Alessandro, the limit from Crowdin’s side is 20 actions made parallelly. Still, I guess your case is different for couple of reasons (20 actions - huge amount to be honest).

I think it’s GitHub restriction. This account (you’ve used for integration set up), does it run any additional actions? Maybe automatically merging something, or keeping another integration active?

Try creating a fresh account (or use another) that would be working with Crowdin only. I mean, it would be using only for keeping an integration and nothing else.

In that case, I’m totally sure, no error would arise.