API issue, translation downloads always "unauthorized" 401

Normally we’d use the API to make a GET request to download individual languages, with wget, as part of our automated scripting to download, package, and publish language packs.
This still worked fine in January of this year, but with today’s release we ran into the issue that Crowdin would respond with 401 unauthorized.

The wget command for this is:
wget -q --no-check-certificate --show-progress https://api.crowdin.com/api/project/pale-moon/download/$lang.zip?login=$account\&account-key=$key -O $lang.zip

Where $lang is the language code for the language (e.g. en-US or ar)
$account is the Crowdin account name
$key is the Crowdin API key generated in the web interface.

I tried generating a new key, but that still threw “unauthorized” responses.
For now I’ve downloaded the full zip and processed manually, but I’d like to solve this issue with file access through the API. Did something change like the expected path or something?

Thank you for reaching out and detailing the issue you’re experiencing with the API.

Could you please confirm if you have transitioned to the new Crowdin API V2?

The V1 API has been deprecated, and the new V2 API requires different authentication methods.

You can find more information on how to authenticate with the new API here: Crowdin API V2 Documentation.

If you have already switched to the new API and are still encountering issues, please provide us with the exact request you’re making (with sensitive information redacted) so we can investigate further.