Any ways to change key of json file while syncing with github?

Hello, is there any way to automatically change key of json file when syncing with github?
For example, when i have test.json file in main resource (content) like this,

    "ping": {
      "name": {
        "en-US": "ping"
      "description": {
        "en-US": "Check the bot's latency"

i want to make key en-US to change for each languages, such as ko in korean, de in german, and go on.

I wonder is there would be a specific variables like %language% and language mapping options for json keys to be changes automatically while syncing with github.

Thanks in advance!

Hi there, key can’t be changed unless you edit the particular string

In case you wish to change the code of language only, try adding %locale% pattern into translation path (can be done in crowdin.yaml or in file settings (content - files -3 dots- settings- translation path)

Ah, okay, thanks for your help.
Maybe i should do it in manunally

Hi @Manbo just FYI - if you change existing key, with ID, system would consider it as new one, untranslated. So it should be done carefully. Best way - manage all content change from the GitHub (or other systems) side.