Any best practices about Figma and Json integration/combination?

Hi, a tricky question.

My application is based on JSON (.json files).

My design that already is being translated in Crowdin is stored in Figma, .fig files that are converted into HTML in Crowdin and back into .fig when I rub synchronization.

How can I match them? How can I use those Figma translations for my .json files? Content should be approximately almost the same.

What comes to mind is pre translation or duplicate options. Html and json should be very different. Or, probalby API (you can configure the file format you’d like to receive - not sure if there’s a .json, but should be android xml, it’s also key based format and it should me much easier to convert the file from android into json

Some links on the matter

By the way, in Figma there’s also nice stings mode, you can give it a check as well (it should match stings in Figma with stings in stand alone files in Crowdin) - never tried it, but you can do this just to see how it works.

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