Android Studio codes - long strings not correct MT translated

If I have the following string

"this is a long text\n another line of text"

When I do automatic machine translation(MT) on these text, sometimes the new text is translated into this:

this is a long text\n another line of text"

Which mean, when I download the translated strings, the formatting gets wrong.

Workaround for now is that I have to go through every language manually after all the proofreaders have done their work and correct every single text string. I would save a huge amount of work if the MT automatically translate the text codes correct. Currently I have 12 languages and I am going for 1000 languages. Which mean I will have 1000x work if this is not fixed.

Hi @espfro !

The MT pre-translation sometimes isn’t ideal. Sometimes it may differ from the desired result you want to get.

You may try to enable the needed QA checks and once the strings are pre-translated via MT and there is some mismatch in the characters with the source strings then QA will appear.

You may easily filter them in the Editor by selecting the type of QA issue and then making the corrections. Just wanted to let you know once the string is approved the QA issue will disappear.

Hope this information will be useful for you!

Thanks @Tania
I do have QA enabled. That doesn’t help because the MT pre-translation sometimes remove the " in the beginning of the sentence. It doesn’t understand that the entire text in a string need to be embraced by " in the beginning and the end.

Dear @espfro !

Would you be so kind to let us know which MT you use for the pre-translation?

Looking forward to your kind reply,

Yes @Tania I use Microsoft Translator

Hi @espfro,

Thank you,

We will be happy to help, but in Crowdin we can’t influence the way the MT engine translates strings. If the quality of the Microsoft Translator bothers you, you may consider another MT engine.