Android and iOS localization

Hi. I know Crowdin supports Android and iOS localization within 1 project, but my case is not general and simple to handle

IIn my case, our team is using different placeholders for both file types, so the system can’t match them - they are not considered to be duplicates strings, I don’t see 100% TM suggestions, and all related staff

How can I deal with that?

Good day Max,

Interesting question. I guess you can play around a little, change placeholders format, enable unify placeholders, perhaps do some changes in your app code, and so on, but personally I prefer Crowdin’s API, here’s a good call - on the export you’ll receive android and ios translation

Don’t agree. Unify placeholders option works perfectly, without any additional changes, well maybe it wouldn’t work only in case your placeholders are very very different and weird. With 99% placeholders, it works great.

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Hey George, well, must say, just checked your proposal, and yes, it worked, thanks, never thought it could be used :sweat_smile:

Placeholders unification works well

It just a [reference choice, API (it also works) or other option

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Thanks all, I’ll go ahead with API - guess it’s better in long term destination, perhaps I can create a nice CI circle :slight_smile: