'An identical translation of this string...' message and how to fix it

We’re trying to save new translations but when we do a message pops up which says:
‘An identical translation of this string has been already saved. Vote for the existing translation instead of adding a new one.’ And then there’s just a CANCEL button in the pop-up.
So we’re not sure how to move past this issue and approve a new translation. I’ve tried adding a vote for the translation but it seems to make no difference.
Any suggestions?

Hi @Anthony.lewis

You’re adding the same suggestion that’s why system prevents you, because it’s no need to have 2 totally same translations.

Possible solutions:

  1. Delete the old one first, refresh the page, add the new one
  2. Once you add yours and vote for it, someone with manager/proofreader role should approve it
  3. Become a proofreader and approve yours suggestion yourself