Agreements with vendors that do translations

Hello, before choosing “Translate by Vendor” in the task, I guess I need to contact this vendor, right? Should we sign any agreements or so? How they would know what exactly my translations should achieve?

It really depends. Often (at least this is from my personal experience) if there’s no info vendor’s representative contacts you, via Crowdin or via email, or by commenting one or another string that isn’t clear. Could be used other communication channel as well.

As a good practice try keeping some context for stings and screenshots if possible. Still, it’s not must have because if they would have any doubt they would reach you directly. But I’ve faced it rarely, most times they assign people who are familiar with my area (well, it’s expected, vendors in Crowdin are really big teams).

Regarding contracts, they are managed only from the side of the agreement’s parties. This means that it’s up to you if you like to sign a contract with vendor, or it’s okay for you to work just within request-a-task basis. Anyway they’re always open for conversation so discuss all the details directly with the vendor you chose.

Good luck!