Admins can't delete comments

As an admin I want to be able to delete inappropriate comments in the editor (Crowdin Enterprise). Currently I get an error message when I click the “Delete” link below a comment.

You do not have permission to delete this comment.

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Hello @gerhard, hope you’re doing just great :slight_smile:

Try going to Members → 3 bullets near user → Remove contribution → Remove needed one (comments in your case)

Attaching a screenshot:

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Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately that dialog has never worked for me. I’m always seeing 0 activity even for users with lots of activity.

Also, I think it would be great if the “Delete” link for comments works in the Editor. I might just want to delete a comment when I see it without the need to navigate to Members.

Hmm, interesting. I guess would need to check this from my side. Does this issue reproduce only in 1 project you have or it can be obtained within a whole organization?

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All projects in our workspace are affected… Thanks for looking into this.

Hello @gerhard

This behavior would be fixed soon, kindly see my full reply:


While hovering the mouse over the comment in the editor, the Manager or Admin can delete it. It’s related to similar behavior with the Owner account only that will be fixed soon.

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@gerhard fix is deployed, can you confirm all is fine from your side?