Add ability to automatically attach GitHub label to PR

Currently, there is no way to specify which labels Crowdin uses when creating a PR through the GitHub integration. I think it would be nice to add this option to the crowdin.yml file. Somthing similar to what Dependabot offers would be wonderful (see Configuration options for the dependabot.yml file - GitHub Docs).

Example config:

  - source: /public/locales/en/*.json
    translation: /public/locales/%two_letters_code%/%original_file_name%
  - PR:
      - locales
      - bump:patch

Try commit message, should be working

If not, raise an issue in Github or as for this feature to be added Feature requests and ideas | Crowdin

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@rickstaa currently, the native GitHub integration do not support the PR labels but it’s already available in the Crowdin GitHub Action by using the pull_request_labels option


Hello @rickstaa, hope you’re doing just great :slight_smile:

Have you tried GitHub actions? In case you’ll need assistance with a set up you’re always welcome to create a new post here or message me privately :wink:

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BTW, it’s going to be implemented for the native GH integration also in the nearest future


Oh, good to hear that. I also looked for that feature. Good to hear you listen to feedbacks and improve the service :slight_smile:

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@andrii-bodnar and @Dima thank you so much for your answers, and thanks for listening to my feedback. I will use GitHub - actions/labeler: An action for automatically labelling pull requests until the feature is added to the native GitHub integration.