About words calculation/estimated cost

Dear support,

I have 2 questions:

  1. Cost Estimate: If I upgrade to Pro Plan, how do you estimate words? For example (From EN-CN): 1) This is an apple. 2) This is a big apple.
    There’re only two different words between String 1 and String 2. If I have translated String 1 before and only need to translate String 2 for this task, how to calculate the cost of String 2? Will the cost of this task deduct the same words in translation history? How do you calculate words in detail?

  2. We used UE4 as the engine. What should I do to connect Crowdin with UE4? This means when I finished translating in the Crowdin, how to make the latest translation show in the UE4 without exportation/importation.

Looking forward to your reply.

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Hey @Nicholle , been asking myself same questions in past (about words), and the good person explains me them, so here I’d like to explain them to you as well.

Hosted words = words to translate X target languages.
i.e. You source is EN, in total the file contains 100 words. You have 3 targets, CN, DE, FR. Total hosted words count will be 100 X 3 = 300 h.words.

Plans, Pricing, and Free Trial | Crowdin here in the top of page should be h words limit you already have (like your account usage is 1 project and 10 000 h words)

Unreal engine integration goes within these options

Also google propose me this article, search within it for keyword like PO file format or Crowdin