Ability to remove activity records?

Is there an option to remove some activity records from project? For example, I’ve experimented with preprocessing and imported a lot of strings few times, removing them repeatedly but all these actions are preserved in activity tab and I can even undo the change, which means all this wrongly imported junk is still stored somewhere.

Hi Tudzer!

It’s not possible to delete activity records, since it’s done to track any changes and in case, somebody did something wrong, it’ll be easy to see and that person won’t be able to delete anything

Makes sense in general, but still could be an option for the project owner, as he could as easily just remove the entire project if he would like to mess up.

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Hello @Tudzer

We don’t plan to change the logic of the system, at least not yet, but in case we make any changes in the future, you’ll be the first person to be notified :slight_smile: