A string is not updating with GitHub integration

A translation in json format was updated, but the key didn’t change. The translations were updated on crowdin, but crowdin is pushing the old translation back to GitHub instead of the new translation.

I also removed deleted the old translation from crowdin altogether, you can see only one suggested translation, which is also approved.

Generally, it seems the sync is fine.

Crowdin project: Crowdin
GitHub project: GitHub - LizardByte/Sunshine: Self-hosted game stream host for Moonlight.

Hello @ReenigneArcher! Can you please try to remove your service branch and sync translations again?
Please, let me know how it goes,

Thank you for the fast response.

I closed the pull request and deleted the branch, then re-synced.

The branch got re-created, but no updates to the translations occurred, and no new pull request happened.

I then deleted the branch again, and re-synced. This time nothing happened on github…

Finally, what ended up working was pause the github integration, and then immediately un-pause it.

@ReenigneArcherm, great to hear that worked! The thing is, that Pause/Resume of the integration can help restart the integration