500 error on Github integration change

When I want to synchronize a second branch (develop)
The POST https://crowdin.com/backend/service/save returns a 500 error with the message “The server encountered an internal error that prevented it from fulfilling this request. Please contact our support team for assistance.”

I’m stuck with only 1 branch to translate. I’m currently benchmarking branch translations, this is critical for me. My project ID is : 514930

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Hey Alex, I’m more that sure it’s because of your subscription plan. It’s Free, I’m right? Had the same issue in past.

With Free Plan, only one branch can be stored in Crowdin. In the screenshot I see you try to add Develop and Master. So it’s two in total. That’s why, the integration cannot be completed.

There are some solutions:

  1. Delete the 1 branch both from Crowdin (Content tab) and from Integration settings, so system would allow you to connect branch 2 (Develop in your case).
  2. Switch to API based workflow and Folders (not Branches). Like Git → PC → Crowdin, and way back. I’ve spent 1.5 hours to set up everything to work automatically. Folders are unlimited, so with this workflow you’ll have more space.
  3. Request open source license (if your product is open source) → it would provide you with unlimited branches.
    Open Source License Request Form | Crowdin

You’re right, I’m on the free plan. There is no mention of a single branch limitation (althrough they say only 1 integration is allowed).

I’m currently revisiting Crowdin as a Translation service because I’m not convinced by Transifex branch support (which need too much manual work). I’ll try to contact Crowdin commercial support to renew my pro trial


Hey @alex-pex

Already re-activated the Freemium trial for you, take your time (until May 24) :wink:

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hi Dima,

I have exactly the same problem, also currently on the Free plan.
I spent 2 hours yesterday on the problem yesterday. not sure if it is related to being on the free plan as I tried to remove the first integration and only use the second integration that was not working before. But no success.
Shouldn’t it be possible to connect more Github repos to 1 project?
CleanShot 2022-05-20 at 09.05.03

Could you activate the freemium trial for me so I can make sure that this is the reason?

Best, Marcus

Hi @dev-onvy

Well, almost. Free Plan limitation = 1 branch that can be stored in the project. Doesn’t matter whether this branch is created by yourself or automatically by Github. If you want to connect branch 2, firstly you need to remove branch 1 from the Content:

I’ve activated Freemium for your account until June 1st, feel free to test everything you’re interested in :slight_smile:

Hi Dima,

I have the similar problem, but with Gitlab and I’m on the Open Academic License plan.
I set up the integration and everything was fine, but then I needed to add the integration from another account (a shared Gitlab account in our company, i18bn-bot) so it broke.

I cleaned Content tab, but I can’t fix the integration with Gitlab, error 500 .
It doesn’t matter whether I try to resync or to remove the integration and add the new one.

Can you help me to reset the integration as well?


Hi @mastery_transcript

I guess it’s related to the permissions. Do you have an admin account from the repository side? It seems you had it, but after connecting the integration your rights were removed.

Try reconnecting the integration using full scopes Gitlab admin account + keep this account (don’t change permissions in the future).

Probably, but now the account has max permissons (owner) and still I can’t get branch info or delete integration in order to connect then new one, it’s error 500, that’s sad, not sure what I should do

Press Branch configuration button

Press Edit integration button

Hey there,

Maybe it’s cache related. You have open source plan? If so you should have unlimited branches, so limits are not the point (my assumptions)

The owner is yours account of other? Try checking whether there’s no block from Git side. If there’s no, clear browser cache or use incognito mode. Plus, try re-set-up the integration (I mean, delete the integration, and set us as totally new using re-direct to Git account)


Maybe it’s cache related.

It seems not

You have open source plan?

Yes, I do

The owner is yours account of other?

I have a full asccess to “Owner” account on gitlab, and it has max permissons.

Overall it looks like the integration process works fine, at least partially.
For example, I can set up a new integration, but I can’t edit/remove existing intergration (server says - no permissions to perform this action.)

Thanks anyway

Hey, do you see any errors in “Errors” section in the integration? It should show some information. Also, you sure can fully set up the integation?

Never heard about case when with 1 account you can edit integration, but can delete + connect from the glance the same repo…


do you see any errors in “Errors” section

If you mean “Issues”, then there are no errors

Integration section

you can edit integration, but can delete + connect

I can not edit or delete but can at least start to create a new integration, fetch repository list, select a branch and so on.

But when I press Edit button, Delete integration or Branch configuration buttons for existing integration, then I get basically Internal Server Error (500) from the server without meaningfull response. (you can see this at the screenshot “Press Branch configuration button” in my previous post)

Maybe auth token is invalid or something like this, I can only guess.

I have a guess that problem is that I added the integration from the account, that had limited permissons on gitlab but as I was logged in to gitlab from different account that had all permissions, so Crowdin got connected and now Crowdin do not allow to do anything with previous integration.

PS: I tried to use Crowdin API v2 to get more information, but unfortunately there is nothing there about integrations as far as I can see

Hi @mastery_transcript

If used another account for the previous integration, it’s expected, that only account that added the integration would manage it. Another user regardless of permission can only synchronize it.

In other words, try the same account that was used for adding an integration.

As I mentioned before, I can’t do it.
I created the integration from the mastery_transcript account but cannot remove it or synchronize from any account

Is there a way to remove integration from your side?

Hello @mastery_transcript

Got you! I’ve done some magic from my side, now integration should be removed.

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Hooray, it works now.

Thanks a lot and it’s nice that the magic is still here.

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I’m currently testing Crowdin and trying to set up a second repository for one project and I get the same error. I guess an additional repository is considered as additional integration as well?

Hello @Altoar, no, it’s because you’re on the Free plan, and due to Free plan limits, you can have 1 branch only. When creating new integration with the Git environment, we grab the branch from Git, that’s why you received error 500 - the Free plan branch limits system can’t integrate with Git one more time because only 1 branch is available in the Content section.

I’ve enabled the Freemium (Free trial) plan for your account from my side (until June 23), and now all should be working.