500 error on Github integration change

When I want to synchronize a second branch (develop)
The POST https://crowdin.com/backend/service/save returns a 500 error with the message “The server encountered an internal error that prevented it from fulfilling this request. Please contact our support team for assistance.”

I’m stuck with only 1 branch to translate. I’m currently benchmarking branch translations, this is critical for me. My project ID is : 514930

Hey Alex, I’m more that sure it’s because of your subscription plan. It’s Free, I’m right? Had the same issue in past.

With Free Plan, only one branch can be stored in Crowdin. In the screenshot I see you try to add Develop and Master. So it’s two in total. That’s why, the integration cannot be completed.

There are some solutions:

  1. Delete the 1 branch both from Crowdin (Content tab) and from Integration settings, so system would allow you to connect branch 2 (Develop in your case).
  2. Switch to API based workflow and Folders (not Branches). Like Git → PC → Crowdin, and way back. I’ve spent 1.5 hours to set up everything to work automatically. Folders are unlimited, so with this workflow you’ll have more space.
  3. Request open source license (if your product is open source) → it would provide you with unlimited branches.
    Open Source License Request Form | Crowdin

You’re right, I’m on the free plan. There is no mention of a single branch limitation (althrough they say only 1 integration is allowed).

I’m currently revisiting Crowdin as a Translation service because I’m not convinced by Transifex branch support (which need too much manual work). I’ll try to contact Crowdin commercial support to renew my pro trial


Hey @alex-pex

Already re-activated the Freemium trial for you, take your time (until May 24) :wink:

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hi Dima,

I have exactly the same problem, also currently on the Free plan.
I spent 2 hours yesterday on the problem yesterday. not sure if it is related to being on the free plan as I tried to remove the first integration and only use the second integration that was not working before. But no success.
Shouldn’t it be possible to connect more Github repos to 1 project?
CleanShot 2022-05-20 at 09.05.03

Could you activate the freemium trial for me so I can make sure that this is the reason?

Best, Marcus

Hi @dev-onvy

Well, almost. Free Plan limitation = 1 branch that can be stored in the project. Doesn’t matter whether this branch is created by yourself or automatically by Github. If you want to connect branch 2, firstly you need to remove branch 1 from the Content:

I’ve activated Freemium for your account until June 1st, feel free to test everything you’re interested in :slight_smile: