403 Access Denied while using content delivery

Sometimes crowdin continuously return 403 for requests like https://distributions.crowdin.net/[hash]/content/ru/[app].json?timestamp=[timestamp]
while https://distributions.crowdin.net/[hash]/manifest.json return 200

what could this be related to?

200 should mean all is fine, while 403 that there’s no access. Maybe the VPN (if you use) or some other extensions blocks the request. Or continuous account usage (it’s allowed to have not more than 20 actions\second). Having your hashes only can’t say much, need to see step by step what you do plus all of your configuration in order to receive same results and track the logs.

@fbitbanker 403 means that the file does not exist on the distribution. Probably, the path is wrong (for some reason, AWS CloudFront returns the 403 error code in such case)

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