This action is not available for account subscription plan


I’m on the free plan now. I tried to integrate my Github repo.
But for some reason, the integration kept failing. Here is the log:

Date / Time:

Feb 03, 2023 15:54


Add Branch (Crowdin Service)


This action is not available for account subscription plan







May I know how to fix it?

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Hello @ineslin,

I’m currently having the same problem with gitlab, did you try to add the integration on another branch than main/master ?

I’m suspecting in free plan you can only use main as the default branch for your integration. Which I think is obviously not okay as you would never/rarely use main as it should be protected and Crowdin is pushing stuff on the branch it seems.

If someone at Crowdin can explain this that would be nice or I’d be curious to know if you fixed your error

@EmpoLogh I’ve successfully integrated with not-default branches for several of our Gitlab projects.

I did create the branches myself, though, and only selected it in Crowdin.

So I think the issue for you guys must be something else …

Thank you for your answer @jan-hendrik.spieth

Are you on free plan too ? I’ll check again then, but the error is maybe misleading then as it’s
This action is not available for account subscription plan

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Hello @EmpoLogh @jan-hendrik.spieth

With Free plan, only 1 integration and 1 branch is available in 1 moment of time. Branches are calculated in Content - Files. Here you can find more info Plans, Pricing, and Free Trial | Crowdin

Also, in Free plan you can’t connect self hosted repository (Github Enterprise they call it).

Hi all. Yes, as @TiroliTemar said, the Free plan is not the same as Free Trial, and due to the limits, only 1 branch is available for this subscription tier. With proper management, this should be enough to work on simple projects. Here you can read more about Version management → Version Management | Crowdin Documentation

If you need more branches, I’d suggest you check out the Team plan, which offers unlimited branches → Plans, Pricing, and Free Trial | Crowdin

Alternatively, you can apply for open source license (unlimited branches as well) → Open Source License Request Form | Crowdin

Hi Dima,

Here is my operation process:

  • Deleted an integration first
  • Tried to integrate the same repo with another branch but failed

Technically, there is 0 repo that integrate to Crowdin right?
So I’m not sure why I can’t integrate successfully.

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I checked from my side, and it seems you still have a branch in your project (check Project Content → Files). This is why you can’t add new integration because it would bring 1 more branch during connection.

The free plan is limited - 1 branch in the project. Regardless of how this branch is created, manually, by API action, or by integration. If you wish to add a new repository, you need to delete the existing branch first.

It works!
Thanks for your help Dima!

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Glad to hear, always my pleasure to assist :wink: