Wrong location in Sessions section

My location in Sessions section is displayed as from Russia, but I`m from Ukraine and have Ukrainian IP. Why? and how to fix it?

Hello @andmizyk

Maybe you’re using some VPN, or you’re located very close to Russia so system just missed and made a mistake? Have you tried other devices, maybe phone or another laptop?

Also, perhaps allowing browser or laptop to have full access to GPS data might help.

Hello @KateOlssenForum

No, I’m far from the border with Russia. With different provider and IP address is displayed Ukraine. It seems that the issue arises only with a certain set of IP addresses that Сrowdin recognizes as Russian, but other services like Gmail or IP recognation services says that the IP is Ukrainian.

Hi, try hard cleaning for browser cache and log in with all GPS turned on. I also had 1 time and issue when system recognizes me as from Netherlands, but I was very far away. The reason was my laptop have cached a lot of data and just refuses to change them. Also, perhaps IP addresses database Crowdin uses is a little bit outdated. Maybe they would change it in future.