Where can I find strings from my website in Crowdin?

Hi all, I’ve connected website with Crowdin using JS Proxy, and about 95% of website content is imported perfectly, but there are some stings that are not imported (for example, few headers), and I don’t know why. Maybe anyone has ideas from the glance? Or should I share some additional data?

Two assumptions on the matter:

  1. It’s hidden automatically if it’s a header that is also a duplicate or something like that. Can be found in hidden stings (stings → visibility: hidden) or in the Editor (filter: all stings → show hidden).

  2. If you can’t find the string in any project, I guess that text or part of your website is hardcoded into the website. So, your engineers (developers) need to extract it and insert it into the file for localization, or into the website code as well, but make it not hardcoded.

I’ve talked with developers, this content is hardcoded. Guess we’ll manage it from our side. Thanks for a tip!