Updating JSON file deletes all comments/context?

Hi, I’m having an issue where if I update an existing JSON source file (and I choose to not “keep” the existing translations), then all comments and context (both screenshots and written descriptions) for any updated strings also get deleted, even if it’s just the tiniest change to the source file like fixing a typo. (To be clear, the string key has not changed.) Is this expected? It seems deeply problematic. It also doesn’t happen if I edit the strings directly via Crowdin (regardless of whether I choose to keep translations or not), which makes me think this is probably a bug. (Not sure if specific to JSON files or uploaded file updates in general.)


Don’t know about string editing directly in platform, but if you choose keep translation editing the string shouldn’t delete it. But it may delete comments or related stuff, because they are in bound with source string, not with it’s translation (and that’s why comment are visible for all languages).

I suppose the issue is like here

All changes even adding a comma = new translation. Keeping it or not is the user to decide, but what you have written like changing source string = delete comment and translation is more that expected.

Not related to the file because with word file for example during file update all translation may be lost, because it’s word and there are no keys or identificators

Try choosing keep and then filter those stings in editor. Or just run pretranslation after update.