Unapprove translation strings matching source

I ran this as I wanted to force changes I made locally in a few languages:

crowdin.bat upload translations --auto-approve-imported --import-eq-suggestions

Unfortunately now all languages are showing 100% approved.
Can I run a command to unapprove all translations that are matching the source?

I just undone the activities. But now I’m back with my original problem. I guess I’ll do another post about it.
Still would be nice to have an answer to the above.

Hi @Slions ,

There is no command to cancel approval / unapprove for translations that match the source text. You can unapprove such strings in two ways:

  1. You can do UNDO the action on the Activity tab, which you have actually already done;
  2. You can filter such strings in the Editor via Advanced Filter → Translations field → select Same as source string. Do it in the Side-by-Side view because here you can select all filtered string and mass remove approvals for them
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