Two proofread steps - best practices

Hi, I’m wondering about having 2 proofread steps, one for context and another for grammar.

Within my community there are a lot of kids, we’d like to involve them in localization as much as possible and for doing so I guess we would require 2 proofread steps so as to result our product translations would be high quality.

What can I do to achieve so? How would QA checks work for it? Any advice would be appreciated.


At all, QA works for 1st proofreading step only, if you approve string in 1st step, in 2nd no QA pop up would appear. If you’d like to stay with 2 proofreading steps, I’d advice you to give a try Crowdin’s Enterprise, there’s a good steps separation and perfect workflow to do so (no string would reach proofread step 2 before it passes step 1)

In Crowdin there’s also proofreading (multiple steps) but I like Enterprise separation much more :wink: