Translations keep erasing

When updating a source file (from setting > files > update), I am prompted with a “Keep transactions for updated string” window.

Whatever I check or not the checkbox, my string translation is erased. Am I not supposed to be able to keep the current string ?

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I guess it something with the duplicate

Duplicated string does not own its own unique translation but transferred its translation from its master counterpart (this is basically how Hide duplicate option works - it helps to keep consistency in translation)

However, whenever this duplicated strings updated with a changed text, it is not identical/duplicate to its master string anymore.
It becomes unique and visible. The connection with master string is lost, and thus the translation from master string as well

This behavior would be observed even if keep translations option is checked during ht update. It is made this way to preserve consistency and avoid the population of wrong translations for duplicates

If the same file update would be done for master string, be sure keep translations option works well.