Translation strings are generated not the same as source stings

Hi all.

I have a specific case. I use json files and for my work, I use keys with dots (like b.c)
In my sources, they look fine, but when I finish the translation, on export I see staff like that:

“b”: {
“c”: “Text”

As a result I have:

“key”: {
“key”: “some text”,
“key”: “some text”

How can I deal with it?

Hi @PetrosK

The dot after key 1 is causing it, can you try working with all keys as separated? In integer, without dots. Update file is required

“key 1”
“key 2”
“key 3”

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Using same approach, should help

@KateOlsen must say you’re explanation is very limited, if I wouldn’t be a developer I would understand almost nothing

@PetrosK are you good? I can give you direct contacts if needed

Yeah, thanks, it was not easy but I’ve understood what’s the point. Changed from dots to “key 1” “key2” and things became fine, I’m happy with the results