SRX rules - how to add, how to write?

I’m localizing .xml and .md files, they’re parsed not well (guess it’s related to their code written style).

My company has assigned developer to fix that. How can I create a task for her? I mean, how I need to explain what I need to achieve, and maybe you have some tools for her to work with that?


It would be enough for you to invite the developer into the project so she can check all files by herself. Alternatevely, you can just have a call or share some screenshots. She just needs to see or know what you’d like to be displayed in Editor and that’s all.

Kindly advise your developer to refer to this article (there are samples and links to the tools she can use for writing the rules):

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@Dima awesome, thank you for so detailed guidance, you’ve done my day!

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