Split source strings?

Hi, I’m looking to add some data to one of my strings. Currently it’s laid out such that it’s got multiple bullet points of information in one string, but I’ve found that when I want to add a new one, it either lets me keep the old translations or gets rid of them.

Is there some way of keeping what was there before, but notifying translators there’s an additional line?
Or otherwise, a way of splitting the source string into multiple, and having the translations automatically be updated based on what I did? I’d only be splitting on a newline here.

Hi there!

The thing is that when you keep the current translation while updating the source string, the system ‘thinks’ it is the same string (since you kept the translation) and that is why translators won’t get a notification.

But they may find edited strings using the advanced filter in the editor. So even if the translation and also approval was kept, the filter will show this string as changed. Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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@ira_crowdin I had same problem and just browsed through - your recommendations worked perfectly! Thanks! :hugs: