Restore file strings and translation

I’m currently trying to restore a prior version of a set of strings and their related translations. We found some issues with the source strings in English, and when that file synced with CrowdIn it deleted the attached Spanish translation.

I can see that from the translation history attached to the file but thus far my attempts to restore the file from prior versions don’t appear to re-instate the translations, the only change the source strings from English.

We’re using a GitHub.

If you would like to restore all file, you can restore the file revision (files → 3 punch buttons → restore revision). If it’s only about translation, then in Activity sort actions by predicted day\week and undo some transitions for that file\stings.

But there will be different behavior is you’re using GitHub or something like this. Even if you restore revision from Crowdin UI, still file from your repository will change your source in Crowdin during the synchronization.

In this case, it’ll be better to pause synchronization, go into Git and restore file revision there. After that, unpause synchronization so changes from Git will appear in Crowdin.

Alternatively, your developers should have an archived version of the file somewhere in GitHub backups, you can ask them to recover it.