Point in time restore?

To get my github integration working, I had to delete all my source strings and re-upload them.
This deleted all my translations, and there doesn’t seem to be a way of getting them back. There is no undo button and it looks like all the translations people have made in the last couple of days have been lost.

Is there a way to get a point in time recovery?

Alternatively, I can see the changes that are lost in the activity stream. There’s an undo button but no redo button. Is there a way of getting that functionality?

Hey, maybe you’ve reached the plan limits (1 branch) so that was a reason to do so?

Anyway, if stings were translated, and you approve pull requests into Github with those translations, you should be able to upload 'em back to Crowdin (check this one):

Alternatively, try configuring the “translation path” in the way to match your translations in Github

Alternatively (x2) → all is recorded into Translation memory, so try using Translation memory pre translate (Project homepage → pre translate)

If you uploaded files from the glance as new ones, recovery of old ones can be done only via Activity (in case you’re updating existing → you may try to check the File’s revisions).

Never heard about the redo button :slight_smile: How it should work?

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I guess it’s like full project revert to particular day and time, like to 27 April 2 p.m. or so. Like a save in a game you play. Don’t know whether it would be possible to realize somehow.

Thanks, using the translation memory worked great! Thanks for the advice.

And what I meant was effectively a way to restore the entire contents of the project back to a certain point in time, like how Marcos_Yeah said.

@DuuanVanVaagh great idea, thanks!

@muddyfish I don’t think that this would be somehow possible to realize from the tech side. Like adding such option should creates a lot of project back ups, at least twice per day. For small project it shouldnt be a problem, but if you work with a really big one, this could slow the system. And if this be implemented for all users Im more that sure than sure performance would decrease.