New new strings cannot be added to xlsx file on Crowdin

Hi everyone! I’ve encounted some issue and I do hope you could help. Recently I’ve been adding some source strings to our files on Crowdin (mostly csv), but we also added a few more spreadsheets in xlsx format, and it seems like I cannot add the strings anymore. Is there any limit on adding strings? Or is this option restricted somehow to only specific file formats?Couldn’t find the info on the matter, so I’ve decided to post it here (hope it’s fine)

Hi Mikey! From time to time, I’m adding some source strings directly in the project as well (especially convenient with the Push Sources option for my GitHub integration). When I’ve been looking for such a possibility, I found the following info: It’s possible to add source strings in the project for the following file formats: CSV, RESX, JSON, Android (XML), iOS (STRINGS), PROPERTIES, XLIFF. So, yes - you’re right, this functionality is restricted only to a specific file formats (personally I’m using xml and strings, so it works fine for me). Also, sometimes I like to use the Source Editor app, it’s convenient and fast as well : Check it out, hope it’ll be helpful for you too :wink: