Loosing linked crowdin keys after merging Figma branch

Hello everyone

This is my very first post, due to us at Aragon DAO finally using crowdin in our newly launched Aragon App—it’s a DApp for organizations to do governance onchain.

Anyhow, because we are also using crowdin in our design discovery and linking each string to crowdin keys, we have found an issue with, unfortunately, no solution. What is happening?

  1. We are using [Figma Organization] (https://www.figma.com/en/pricing/), therefore we have the ability to create branches while maintaining the main branch as it is.
  2. We are designing in a side branch, like, for example, new copywriting and also doing there the linking of the new crowdin keys.
  3. After testing, QA, and iteration, we are merging the new copywriting branch with the main branch.
  4. Unfortunately, all linked keys are unlinked after this merge (see image below).

So my questions are:

  1. Is this a known bug?
  2. If yes, how can I overcome this?
  3. If not, is there an easy way of fast relinking the keys (I’m a newbie in crowdin, so I might have missed it)?

Thanks a lot in advance for any help, cheers

Hello, an interesting case. Never seen anything branch related in a Crowdin - Figma docs

For me it seems that due to the Fig files are converted into HTML (it’s not a key based format), once you merge your Figma branch or do any other stuff - the identificator is changed, and the linking is lost.

Here’s the part of documentation that make me think that:
Figma Plugin | Crowdin Documentation.

I’m very sure this is a technical limitation of the plugin, and it cant track the branch changes.

At least, if you work with Github, and you HTML docs, or any other not a key-based, if you change something, or merge something, it receives a new ID and Crowdin always considers it as a newly added file/string/branch.