List String Comments API returns duplicates on pagination

It looks like there’s a bug in the List String Comments API.

When I’m doing 3 API calls for a project like this, I’m getting duplicate comments and some comments are missing. I think there’s a problem with the pagination.


I wouldn’t mind the duplicates (I can filter them out), but the missing comments are an issue. I hope this can be fixed rather quickly as we are missing comments from translators because of this bug.

Hi Gerhard

So happy to see you here! As you can see, we use the technology you’ve built and we love it

Asking the tech team to check pagination asap


Hello, @gerhard

I always forget to ask whether you use any API client? :slight_smile:

Or have you developed your own? Just in case you missed them → Crowdin API Clients | Crowdin Developer Portal

I’m happy to be here. It’s always wonderful to use Discourse for communication and see how it’s used by others.

@Dima We are using a custom API client because there wasn’t an official Ruby client when I started working on our integration. I might switch to the official client when I find some time, but our implementation works quite well, so there’s no real need for change.

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Thanks for the clarification, glad to hear your integration works well :slight_smile: