Linebreaks in source files

I’m wondering is this possible to control what symbols are used in role of line-breaks?

Seems like Crowdin likes to play with them see all of them as line-break, I’ve tried different like /n/n or //n//n or ///n///n and no difference at all in the platform.

Depends on your need. Is this for translation purpose or for something technical? During file export system works standard according to file syntax rules. Usually it’s fine to 1 time accept the diff in Github because in 99% for most systems that will work with that content afterward this line-breaks would change nothing.

If for translation, add this as Custom QA Check (if you’re on Enteprise version).

If it’s techical, then this application can add the needed slashes even though Crowdin doesn’t recognise or changes yours.

Note that app is marked as beta - so minor glitches may exist.