"Keep translation" during file update didn't work?

Hi, I’ve updated files with the option “keep translation” enabled via UI, still all my translations were lost. I have 2 teams in the project, so our content is .json and .docx.

How to work with this option? Tried updating with CLI - same result.

Hi man

2 assumptions

  1. When you change strings in .json you changed id (key) also, which is equal to remove+add from glance strings. This is why translations are lost

  2. .docx (a Word file, right?) isn’t key based, so you can add content only after already existing one. The logic is next:

you have few stings, 1 2 3 4 5 6
you add stings 7 8 9 after the 6 = good, translation is kept

but if you add 7 8 9 after 3, which means you will have 1 2 3 7 8 9 4 5 6 = 1 2 3 will remain translated, all others no

Hope it help

You must be a wizard :slight_smile: How did you know about that? Yeah, really, regarding to .docx that’s right. Never know about it, thanks for a tip.

Regarding .json - not sure, it was a developer who updated the file, he has just given me a new version and I uploaded it.

Anyway, simple pre-translate with translation memory solved my problem, so we can consider this topic done.