Issue with switching from Github to CLI

So, I’ve decided to switch from Github connector into CLI, good that Crowdin has a nice tool build for this purposes. Didnt consider Git actions at all.

But still, it seems the configuration file is different with CLI - I just used the one from Github and it seems it doesnt work well althought I changed the credentials and etc. Seems issue is related to * patterns. Maybe some one know what the change?

Some parameters in the configuration file for CLI and git integrations work differently. If there is an asterisk in the path to the file, for example, (“source” : “file*.json”), then, logic will be next:


An asterisk matches any character(s), but there must be at least one character in its place. From two files (file.json and file_1.json) only file_1.json will be uploaded.

In Github:

An asterisk also matches zero characters. All files, I mean both, file.json and file_1.json will be uploaded.

Summarising, I’d better take a look at specified CLI configuration docs and write down a config from the scratch.