Is there any best practice to divide 1 integration within 2 teams?

Hi, I need some recommendations on the matter.

We are considering splitting our repository database into different folders+subfolders, so all teams could work on their own, regardless of all others (right now we all have 1 big folder with files)

So, we’ve decided to create different folders inside our master branch, and create few projects in Crowdin, each or them with a different folder as a source file

Would you recommend this practice? Any possible downsides?

@MaxiLopes I guess it should be better to use as branches or by multi-repository connected within 1 project.

Branches are way better than folders, you can sync them separately, you can use different duplicates options, and so on. It’s like a mini subproject inside your project.

All Git environments have a specific option with merging (summarizing 1 and 2 branches), so both
branches, in the end, may have the same stings, same translations, all up and running.

For reference: