In the "Custom Exporter" tool, you can only download one translation file at a time in a different format. Is it possible to download all translations of all languages at once in a different format?

We need the ability to download all translations in a format different from the original. (project .strings, but need to download the project.xml) With the “Custom Exporter” tool, this can be done, but only one language file at a time. And this is a bit inconvenient and quite long (more than 30 languages) .It is not possible to select all of them. Or I did not figure it out.

Hello @smart_timetable

CLI/API should be more flexible but you’ll need to spend some time setting everything up:
API v2 Reference
Console Client (CLI) | Crowdin Developer Portal

The result would be the same (1 language at 1 time), but at least it can be automated :slightly_smiling_face:

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