HTTPS/CNAME problems with custom crowdin subdomain

How does one go about enabling HTTPS on a subdomain?

As we are a small open source project, our project’s website is currently a subdomain under one of our lead developers’ domains. For convenience, and due to our scale, our site and its parent are both hosted via github pages.

We would like to add our crowdin as a subdomain under our site (as a sub-subdomain).
Unfortunately, for whatever reason, crowdin considers our CNAME record to be insufficiently secure.

Given our current DNS, what’s the easiest way to go about moving our crowdin under a custom domain?

Thank you for your suggestions.

Hello, Cname should be written like “” with https protocol only. Any chance you would be able to create a https host protocol for Crowdin?

Here’s a nice sample (use cntrl+F to find the Cname mention): API v2 Reference

Or maybe something like:

Thank you!
I was unaware of the requirements for the cname record.
I have now been able to point our project to a custom domain :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: nvm, it worked for a while, then randomly stopped working.
Possibly some propagation issue?

Edit: nvm, it seems to have fixed itself again…

Hello @Pheotis maybe some random 1 time issue with your domain provider or with servers. Also had similar, in 10 minutes it become working as well.