How to work with Vendor in Enterprise Crowdin?

Hi, I’m testing Crowdin Enterprise platform, those I have some questions about Vendor cooperation.

Does I need to make the tasks myself, or will it be done automatically through GitHub integration? Or what the workflow of cooperation between vendor and my Organization?

Also, in what format do translators receive tasks? Will these be individual strings\files or complete projects, like making a task for the whole project or something like that?

You will need to add a vendor at the right stages of the workflow (Translation by Vendor
and/or Proofreading by vendor).

The general translation workflow looks like:

  • You add a vendor into organization
  • Then add Translation by Vendor / Proofreading by vendor steps to the workflow
  • Assign that vendor into specific step
  • Save the workflow:

This is how it would look from vendor’s side, I’ve found this article, guess it would be useful for you:

You can create task for Vendor once you assign them into step of workflow, but it’s not a must have. They would receive all content automatically, for me it’s faster to contact them directly and inform about priority of files.