How to upload offline translations properly?

Hi all again.

I have a team member, who works outside of Crowdin. He did some translations, and he’s a very experienced translator, so I guess those suggestions can be considered as “approved” if we compare em with classical proofreading.

But, when I upload them via UI (Translation - upload translation) nothing happens. I have xliff file. Any chance you can help me figuring our what’s the point?

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There might be a few reasons, here’re most popular:

  1. Language code is not the same, please check whether it’s similar to the code from Crowdin
  2. Translation statuses: in xliff, as far as I know, there are 3 statuses (for each string):

needs translation

So you need to change statuses to translated or approved (using any editor, I prefer Visual Code, but all editors support bulk changing)

Once code is the same + statuses are updated, translation upload should work like a charm :))

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Hi @Dima @Jose-maria
I can confirm that his approach should work, I use it by myself all the time since I’ve joined Crowdin :+1:

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