How to only proofread file?

Some of my files don’t need to be translated, but we use Xliff and there’s an “approved” string status I’d like to reach.

So, they only need proofreading to receive approval, but when I open the Editor in Crowdin, there’s no option to work with the proofreading only.

How to solve this?

It’s only possible to proofread a string only in case it has a translation.

You may use next workflows:

  • Upload translation (the same file) with option “allow translation to match source stings”, as a result translations and sources would be the same

  • Copy source skeleton for each sting you have
    Online Editor | Crowdin Documentation

Also, the possible way would be even not to proofread text, in case you need status only, upload translations as I said in 1 topic, build and download, open any tool like Notepad ++ and with bulk changer change all “translated” to “approved” statuses