How to migrate translations from one branch to another?

Hello, so here’s my use case:

How do I merge the new content from branch 2 with the old branch 1?

I don’t want to lose translation authority. I know I can add translations from my GitLab side, also I can run the Translation memory pre translation, but both of these options will make authority disappear, and I’d like to keep it.

Branches (in terms of source files) are 80-90% the same, so if I just can migrate translation from one to another it would be great.

Please advice.

Hello @Oleg_Stoykov

Try this approach:

Firstly, turn on the duplicates option in your project (like hide, share all translations or something like that). After that, try merging branches in GitLab side, so as result the one you using for Crowdin connection left untouched, and you’ll have a stand alone Branch 2. In case your Branch 2 already exist and ready for localization, that skip this recommendation.

Secondly, add Branch 2 to the integration and force the synchronization. When it “arrives”, those stings that are repeated would be considered as duplicates.

After translation migrates, pause the integration and delete old branch from Crowdin. Then edit integration, and delete that branch from integration as well. Then feel free to resume integration.

Hope it would help :slight_smile: