How to deal with numerous duplicate and numeric strings?


I am a translator working for a localization agency that uses CrowdIn, which means I only have access to translator functionalities. I’m having two issues with a project that has a lot of duplicate and numeric strings:

1- Duplicate strings with no auto populate function. There are 100 pages of strings that look like this:

String A

String B

String A

String B

Is it possible to automatically populate all strings with the first translation we assign to each one, and then automatically approve them all? If not, how do I proceed without having to manually add the translations for each string?

2- There are another 100 pages where the target should be the same as the source since they are composed of just a sequence of numbers. Here I also don’t see an option to batch-populate the target strings with the source content.

Could someone advise on how to proceed with this? Is there at least a shortcut to copy the source text into the target text?

Thank you!

With manager/owner level of permission it should be done for 5 minutes, but as you’re a translator, well, hard to say.

For 2nd option, this one will be helpful (copy source into translation)

Online Editor | Crowdin Documentation.

For the 1st one, duplicates options but only manager/owner configure 'em:

Or this application, but also it’s for manager/owner