How to change target language progress?

Hi all. I have specific case: I’d like to somehow migrate language progress from 1 language to another.

When starting a project, I’ve, by mistake, choose Portuguese Brazilian language. In a month our PM check the project and said that Portuguese Brazilian is not what we need to achieve, our system would require us to have simple Portuguese files. For now, I though that I should be able to somehow change language codes in the files, but it’s time consuming and I’d like to have something more automated. Ideally, just change language in Crowdin and that’s all, how can I do that?

Hi, try just uploading translations from 1 language to another.

For future, I would recommend translating the primary language and using the “Automatically fill in regional dialects” option, it’s a good one when the project is translated into the language dialects, like French, Canada. Translations from French will be automatically copied to French, Canada during the translation download.

You can enable this via Project Settings → Export → Automatically fill in regional dialects

You can download these translations from Crowdin and upload them to the necessary languages:

Download: Downloading Translations | Crowdin Documentation
Upload: Uploading Existing Translations | Crowdin Documentation

Keep in mind, that for some file formats you will need to change the language codes inside the file.

It’s needed in order to match the code of the new language when you will be uploading them into Crowdin, in the header of the file you’ll find language code, change it regarding this list: