How to allow integration being overwritten (changes made in Crowdin should appear in my repository)

Hi, we work with format that allows us to modify and add keys directly in Crowdin. Useful tool I must say. But the point is, changes are not displayed and always overwritten.

Let’s say i changed key1 in Crowdin to key_key1, during the synchronization it becomes reverted to key1, and i dont like it. How can I deal with staff like that? I’m turned the tables searching for any option to turn on from Github side, but all my manipulations were useless

Please help me asap

Hello there, have you turned on “Push sources” option in your integration settings?

You need to go to Integrations - Github - Edit, near duplicates management section there should be a synchronization schedule switcher and “Push sources” - you should allow Crowdin to push sources (enable this option)

I have this one activated, plus 12 hours synch schedule, so once synch is done I just approve pull request from Crowdin and all keys I’ve changed or add from Crowdin replace my old ones in Git