How can I hide tags in the editor?

Hi everyone! New issue: I’m seeing a lot of tags in my Html and Markdown files. Translators complain about it and I’m worrying that they can break anything there. Is there a way to hide/exclude tags from the file in the editor and make sure they’re preserved on export? Or any other solution to make the lives of our translators easier?

Hello Donna,
For this case, you can enable the option to hide tags (in the Editor → gear in the upper left corner → hide HTML tags) - then all things that do not need to be translated will not be displayed in our editor. They will be shown as <> for translators conveniences and on export will be replaced with the correct tags.

You can also ask translators to use the Copy Source button and instruct them to translate text only and leave the other elements untouched.

This way nothing should be broken :slight_smile: